2014 PAST QUESTIONS, Objectives

1. Which of the following types of teeth is used by mammals to tear food material?

A. Canines
B. Incisors
C. Molars
D. Premolars

2. The eclipse formed when the moon comes between the sun and the earth is known as

A. annular eclipse
B. lunar eclipse
C. solar eclipse
D. total eclipse

3. The element with the chemical symbol S is

A. silicon
B. silver
C. sodium
D. sulphur

4. The term leaching in soils refers to

A. accumulation of organic matter
B. decomposition of plant material.
C. fixation of nitrogen
D. removal of soil nutrients by water.

5. Which of the following statements about a plant cell is correct? It

A. does not have a nucleus
B. contains large vacuoles
C. is surrounded by the cell membrane only
D. does not have a definite shape

6. An example of a derived quantity is

A. length
B. mass
C. temperature
D. volume

7. Solid non-metals normally break into pieces when hammered because they are

A. brittle
B. ductile
C. lustrous
D. malleable

8. Young rabbits are called

A. bunnies
B. cubs
C. fingerlings
D. kids

9. Producers in an ecosystem are plants that

A. attract insects
B. feed on other plants
C. feed on dead materials
D. manufacture their own food.

10. The form of energy produced from the nucleus of an atom is termed

A. chemical energy
B. mechanical energy
C. nuclear energy
D. thermal energy

11. Which of the following elements is a semi-metal?

A. Carbon
B. Nitrogen
C. Silicon
D. Sodium

12. A system of farming that leads to continuous destruction of virgin forest is

A. mixed farming
B. mixed cropping
C. pastoral farming
D. shifting farming

13. The by-products of respiration are

A. carbon dioxide and heat
B. carbon dioxide and water
C. oxygen and heat
D. oxygen and water.

14. Which of the following statements about a force are correct? It

I is measured in newtons
II is measured in newton-metre
III can start a motion
IV can change the direction of a moving body.

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. I, III and IV only
D. I, II, III and IV

15. Which of the following substances is a solid-gas mixture?

A. Lather
B. Bronze
C. Steel
D. Smoke


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