1 (a)

(i) Define photosynthesis.
(ii) Give two ways in which photosynthesis is important to animals.

1 (b) Name three sources of chemical energy.

1 (c) Describe how you would separate a mixture of sodium chloride and sand.

1 (d) Complete and balance the following equation:

CaCO3 + HCl →

1 (e) Two dry cells, a switch and a bulb are connected in series. Draw and label a circuit diagram of the arrangement.

2 (a) State two precautions that should be taken to prevent the spread of each of the following diseases:

(i) Cholera
(ii) Smallpox

2 (b) Describe how you would test for starch in a leaf.

2 (c)

(i) Explain why an inclined plane is classified as a machine.

(ii) Give two reasons why the output energy of a machine is always less than the input energy.

2 (d) Draw and label the structure of an atom containing three electrons. Indicate the charges of the particles.[/su_spoiler]

3 (a) Name the two processes that lead to the formation of seeds in a flowering plant.

3 (b)

(i) Give five components of blood.
(ii) State three functions of blood.

3 (c)

(i) What is an electrical insulator?

(ii) Mention three examples of insulator

(iii) Give two characteristics of an insulator that explain its behavior.

3 (d) Classify the following substances under the three states of matter: petrol, palm oil, soap, carbon dioxide, corn flour, smoke.

4 (a)

(i) What is a deficiency disease?

(ii) Give two deficiency diseases and their causes.

4 (b)

(i) State the importance of excretion in living organisms.

(ii) Name two excretory organs of the human body and the substances they excrete.

4 (c)

(i) Explain why gases are more compressible than solids.

(ii) Give two areas where the compressible nature of a gas is applied.

4 (d) A piece of stone is dropped from a height to the ground. State the energies possessed by the stone

(i) just before it was released from the maximum point;

(ii) midway between the fall;

(iii) just before it hit the ground

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